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Using this as an example..Apologies and excecuting integrity.... I WILL accept an apology.


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In this now tedious exchange of attack and counter attack - I just have to make this post.(and not even one @dramatoken!)

It raises much larger questions to the integrity and intelligence of @informationwar.

Here's the part that's relevant - on the last of the comments by @truthforce .

Oh, and it's VERY relevant. doh!

Talk about jumping to conclusions !!! LMAO.

Underneath here is the exact response I gave .....

(@truthforce) made two recent posts claiming there was new information and something you "stumbled upon" that you need to research more when you aren't drunk. Then you said we already talked about it and it is already on the blockchain. Which is it liar? Both?

lolololo THIS you mean?!... Oh... dear....

pssssssst...where do I mention anything concerning this?.....
LMAO!!!!!!!! ....the two posts are not even connected...! !!

HOW did you make that connection??doh!

Out of respect, I will not insert a homer simpson piccy here..

Let me repeat it....just so you are very clear about this

The 2 things are not connected.

You're jumping to a totally wrong conclusion!

The post you are referring to will take time to verify.
I'm not even sure if it is correct yet.

IT HAS -ZERO/nothing/Nada/zip/ zilch to do with my undelegation

The nonsense you are blabbering about now, and the trolling, is absolutely idiotic. Put down the booze and get your fucking life together.

Yeah...about that blabbering nonsense thing....I would suggest connecting two unconnected things and _then using that as a basis of accusation and insult - lends itself to blabbering nonsense,
What do yas recon? lmao

To avoid looking silly in the future , don't jump to conclusions like you just have - (too late for this one!) .
I would suggest getting facts.
Like I've already presented and that were ignored...
This has nothing to do with down voting, btw as you mentioned.
(See? I'm even trying to help you now, so you don't jump to any more blindingly stupid conclusions).

The facts will remain the facts, whether presented today or in decade - so what's your problem?

Well, that's incorrect - because now you do have one , made entirely from of your own creation ! lol.

You going into some frenzy based on assumptions that are incorrect would only suggest guilt of some sort, I dunno - but that kind of behavior is indicative of much deeper issues. (you might want to look into that).

Your lack of basic comprehension and the ensuing overreaction to my post, has stained @informationwars and it's credibility.

You did it, not me.

(I haven't even presented any of my FACTS yet, bloody hell lol)

chair2 - Copy (2).jpg

.....I would suggest you stop digging yourself any more embarrassing holes before I present my are going to look even sillier then. (if that's possible).

Jumping to conclusions about two unrelated things (my two posts) says a lot though, don't you think?

...... all the defensiveness, insulting, and general vitriol lends itself more to 'complicit and found out'.
(the silly strategy that you have used, has a very lefty, postmodernist leaning 'taste' to it. Imo)

Interesting times...

Put down the booze and get your fucking life together

My life is very together, but thanks for the concern.
I'm not too sure you really care though, I was being facetious.
I thought I'd better explain it to you. ( so you don't jump to the wrong conclusions).....

Does that also infer that you jumped to this incorrect assumption ...when you were sober?

fuck man..start drinking! lol

And please feel free to apologize any time you wish.

That would be the execution of integrity. Do you have any?

oh, btw - I have mercilessly mocked you intentionally.
To make any apology even harder to execute.. It's a growing process. Painful, but beneficial in the long run...I'm trying to help


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