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Utopian VIPO Update: Open Task Request and Audit


3 months ago3 min read

Belated Happy Valentines Utopian!

It's been another month of activities for our VIPs.
Curious what went on behind the scenes?



  • A month's worth of VIPO update
  • Where are we going?
  • Summary

Task Requests + Project Updates

OPEN: Graphics Task Request - Steemer Rebranding

First native Android mobile app for Steem

Steemer's task request is still up for grabs!

Hello graphic artists! @hispeedimagins need your help for Steemer's rebranding.

The mobile app is ready for publishing. But we need to present this cool app in Google's Play Store with a logo that will make Steemians proud.

Make the graphics "eye-candy" and bring in curious users to try out our platform!

IN PROGRESS: Development Task Request - EFTG's API with ElasticSearch

This latest task request published on Jan 16th is still a work-in-progress. One more step towards the European Commission's private blockchain.

EC Blockchain Competence Center (BLKCC) is implementing ElasticSearch with their project. I think it's a great move. A disgruntled user waiting on a page to be responsive is something you want to avoid.

EFTG can take advantage of ElasticSearch's search and analytics engine. Impress the investors and we have a winning cause for Open Source!

We have new projects to support and I'm excited for them to be announced by Utopian. Follow @utopian-io so you don't miss it.

UPDATE: Quasar Framework - V1.0 Beta

This is an amazing launch for Quasar!

Developers are raving about Quasar (on and off-chain). This upgrade is a great treat for the community.


On Steem

On Medium: How Quasar Framework Enabled A Full App Build in 3 Weeks

And with this update, OByte (formerly ByteBall) is planning on using this framework!


Project Audit

From my previous update, I mentioned the need to audit our existing VIPs.

I ran an initial audit to test our metrics and questionnaire. With this "trial" test, I can see areas of improvement on how we can measure quality. Quality in regards to Utopian's VIPO services and the VIPs we want to support.

@Tykee also suggested providing 4 measurable answers for each question. It's a helpful input and worth considering. With the "trial" audit, I could use 4-5 answers on certain questions that needs series of ranges.

Utopian is releasing an official announcement for the audit. Once it's out, I can formally proceed with the audit.


2019 is a promising year for Utopian.

  • Utopian now has livestream and podcast options for our OpenSource (FOSS) and IdeaHub show!
  • Utopian fund campaign is in the works
  • Utopian Colony is using Quasar Framework
  • Utopian's VIPs have great updates and progressing impressively

As for me:

  • I'm here with you in supporting Utopian. I'm around usually at night so whatever I need to attend to, I try to do it that time.
  • Tomato and pepper seeds are waiting to be planted indoors in time for when spring comes.
  • I'm swamped at work with projects that are all high-priority. sigh

How about you? What's keeping you busy these days?

Stay tuned on my next VIPO Club update

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