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3 interesting facts: On the occasion of STEEMIT introducing Google ads.


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If you access "" without logging in, Google ads will now be visible on individual pages as well as on the main page. It's below the comments, but it still feels strange.

As it is still in the testing phase, we need to see which ad policies Steemit INC will apply.

※ This is a simple analysis that refers to estimates of a specific site (hypestat) that aggregates page views. The estimates themselves may have delays, errors and fluctuations, so please be more interested in the interesting facts themselves. Also, I am not an advertising specialist.

1) Ad unit price vary widely across countries

The table below shows the percentage of pageviews / users by country for


The United States is the # 1 pageview and its share is about 30%. 2nd place South Korea is about 11%, third place India is about 9%.

The table below is an estimate of the country's estimated ad revenue based on pageviews.


Estimated ad revenue in the US is about 2.9K (USD, daily), which is a whopping 66% of the total estimated ad revenue of 4.3K. Share based on pageviews is 30%, but the estimated ad revenue share is more than twice that.

By the way, South Korea's estimated ad revenue is about 0.2K, which accounts for 5% of total estimated ad revenue. Share based on pageviews is 11%, but the proportion of estimated ad revenue is less than half that.

The estimated ad revenue in India is about 0.12K, contributing only 3% of the total estimated ad revenue. Share based on pageviews is 9%, but the proportion of estimated ad revenue is about one-third of that.

GDP per capita is very high in the United States, and the country has a very high share of domestic consumption compared to GDP, so the spending on advertising is huge and the advertising cost is high.

However, the lower the per capita GDP, the higher the proportion of exports to GDP, the lower the ad unit price tends to show.

As a result, looking at STEEMIT's advertising revenue alone, it is worth several times that page views in countries with high GDP and per capita consumption, such as the United States, increase in page views in other low-income countries.

2) Negative recognition levels for ads also vary widely across countries

The table below is a loss estimate for users blocking ads.


A typical tool would be an ad block.

For example, the expected ad revenues in the US were about 2.9K, of which 0.5K was lost by ad blocking. In the United States, about 18% of users are blocking ads.

It is noticeable that the rate of blocking advertisements in Ireland is high.

On the other hand, there is very little profit loss due to ad blocking in South Korea and India.

In other words, the degree of protection of personal information in the United States and the rejection of advertising are much higher than those of South Korea / India.

3) We can see the approximate expected ad revenue of STEEMIT

The table below shows the daily or annual expected ad revenue for STEEMIT based on pageviews, estimated ad revenue, and ad blocking losses.


Based on a full pageview of all countries accessing STEEMIT, STEEMIT can earn approximately 4.3K per day, of which 0.8K is lost by ad blocking.

Therefore, at first glance, 3.5K per day, and 1.3M per year can be considered as pure advertising revenue.

But one important thing is missing.

STEEMIT is testing ads only for users who are not logged in.

What is the percentage of pageviews that flow in?


Although it is not accurate, about 51% of pageviews appear to come from search. For reference, this is also why we need to increase the number of useful articles that will drive the inflow through search,


As a result, we can only assume that half of the estimated net advertising revenue above is actually feasible.

Specifically, it will be 1.8K per day and 0.65M per year.

Of course, the above figures should be further taken into account by the fact that pageviews and ad unit price fluctuations may vary.

A policy that does not show ads to signed-in users can be a policy that honors existing users.

But in my personal opinion, STEEMIT_INC might be a bit worried that it could lead to excessive ad click-through rates due to the nature of the STEEM community, which might be a sort of abuse on Google's side.

※ This is a simple analysis that refers to estimates of specific sites that aggregate page views. Estimates themselves may have delays, errors and fluctuations.

I have been steadily evaluating the STEEM chain under the premise that the STEEMIT has been introducing advertising for a long time in the KR community.

Of course, this is the Cryptocurrency market, not the existing financial market, and the future growth / discount rate estimates are not accurate because of the large error.

However, it is good to be able to refer to it as my own judgment criteria.

If STEEMIT's advertising policy is clear, I will update my valuation report.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year. New you!

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