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Creators being pushed out of STEEM // Time to stop this trend


3 months ago3 min read

First they said they would vote more for you if they got 50% curation, now they are saying they will vote you more if you give them another 20%.

Its time to stop this nonsense. I thought writing one post about this issue would be enough and id move on but since this means so much more then it might seem from first glance i had to revisit it again.
Look, when the EIP was coming out i was really skeptical at first but since we got rid of bots my hopes went up and i wanted to give this change a shot.

It seems the end result is much worse then what we had before exactly due to "initiatives" like the burnpost and sbdpotato.
I dont care what you do with the rewards, i dont care if you burn them, those posts are shit and i dont want to see them on the trending page.

These initiatives tell me one very concerning thing:

Whales are much happier to simply farm curation on posts like the "SBD potato" and burn the author rewards then use their votes to reward legit content creators.

This is the point at which we arrived now. The trending page being reflective of that fact.
A day ago there was 7-8 SBD potato/Burnpost posts trending.
Why dont you put some effort into those posts?! Is it maybe because you dont feel you need to since the opposition doesnt have enough stake? Showcase some creators if youre going to be trending. Write something.
(At least you @smooth know how to write long comments, you can think up something.)
Its fucking sad that the only way someone will adjust their behavior is if they are forced to by sufficient enough retaliation.

@acidyo wrote a proposition after the short backlash about adding @sbdpotato and @burnpost as beneficiaries as a middle ground and he then will more likely vote your post. Problem is that there is no guarantee that the spam will stop and that also brings me back to my first argument.
Ill do that just this once. Add 20% beneficiaries. Im very curious as to how much actually is left after i appease the curator whales.

In the end it does seem that the whales are willing to vote you most if from those votes, in the end you get nothing.

I wouldnt call myself a content creator, rather an occasional poster but there are legit creators here that see this as a middle finger and rightfully so.

Steem is becoming like the reverse "Overlook Hotel".

We want you to leave!

Consider that.


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