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Confusing information from Steemworld and FrontEnds //


5 months ago2 min read

Alright, lets talk about some weird stuff ive been seeing on the Steem frontends and the best analytics tool we have on this blockchain, "Steemworld". (If you havent already go vote for @steemchiller weekly fund raising post)

  1. First of all theres something i want to mention that i cant really take screenshots of. Ive observed this on @steempeak since thats the frontend i mostly use.

    Screenshot 389.png

    When selecting the 100% vote on a post, sometimes Steempeak registers my vote at only 50% when looking at the payout.
    Im not sure if that has to do with the frontend visual side or if it is in fact what is registered on the blockchain.

  2. Vote value difference between what i see on Steemworld and Steempeak.
    For example:

    Screenshot 23.png

This is a screenshot on Steemworld and you can clearly see that my value is at 100%=$0.07
If you look at the above screen shot of the slider on Steempeak you can see that the vote value =0.112 STU.. That is not at 100% and is still lower then what Steemworld shows. If i were to look at what Steempeak says about my Vote value i need only to hover over the "i" on my profile page.

Screenshot 27.png

As you can see it says my vote at 100%=0.135 STU

3.The biggest problem im looking for an answer for is the curation values listen on Steemworld.
For some reason, when voting 1 particular person for a while now ive been getting 0 SP from curation on his post. It mostly happens when i vote his posts but ive seen it happen on a few others. The question is if this is SteemWorld issue, if so, please fix it. :D, if not, it would be nice for someone that is skilled in code to find out what is going on.

Screenshot 20.png

These are the values of a few days ago and these are the values now.

Screenshot 388.png

Its pretty confusing as to what is happening, but mostly in the last case so any feedback would be welcome. The first two things could possibly just have to do with Steempeak and how they present values. Still, a clarification would be nice.

I would also mention that Steemit and Steempeak have different "Account Values" but that is something that has been the case since the beginning.


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