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My Life's Biggest Regret | My Entry to @jason04 Challenge


2 years agoBusy2 min read


Human as we are we usually have a lot of regrets in life. Things that transpired in contrast with that we want or think should be gave us the feeling that if only we do this or that, things would supposed to be in place just as we wanted.

Perhaps qualms or misgivings are already born with us. And for me it is something beyond our control. Our emotions overpowered what is supposed to be the reasons why things happen, why things that we want in life sometimes don’t come or be realized.

Anyhow, I also have my fair share of regrets LOL. Although at my age I can provide explanations or justifications on things that happens in my life, at least to pacify things.

But with my weaknesses and limitations as human, that thoughts keeps on coming back.

As most of my friends here knows that I am currently working here in Saudi Arabia, and although receiving a considerable amount of money every month, sometimes I still think that if only I did not resign from my very first employment in the Philippines, I should have been exercising now the power of my voice and my pen.

What I meant is that based on the fate of those people who joined the company in almost the same time as me, I should have been holding a very good position in the company with a very high salary.

It’s true that my remuneration could at least surpass theirs but the fact that they are living with their families, that’s something I could consider myself being crushed or a failure. Since success for me is having a decent job with a good salary and with my family around.


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