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Craving For Sweets


2 months ago

It is late night here already approaching midnight actually. I do not know but I will have a snack. Quite early for a midnight snack but that would not matter anymore. I feel hungry and craving for something sweet or some carbs at least. Something that I can pair with a hot cup of coffee. I found two boxes of dunkin donuts on out table hmmmm although I am not a donut person I will grab some and eat.
A chocolate donut is what caught my eyes. I did not like these with yellow toppings. Does not look yummy to me so the brown donut is my choice. The moment my teeth took that first bite I knew I made the right choice. I love the sweet and chocolatey goodness that pairs well with my dark hot cup of coffee. Simply satisfying. I love it. I will have another piece. Until then.


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