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Manapan - the second most popular hike in Taiwan


2 months ago3 min read

Today I went hiking at Manapan Mountain at Miaoli in Taiwan. It's said to be the second most popular hike in Taiwan, and now I understand why.

馬拉邦山天然湖登山口停車場 8/10

It was a beautiful day for a hike, and we arrived at the car park at 10am. There was a beautiful pink sakura tree at one end. Taiwan is more southern than Japan, and our sakura trees tend to blossom earlier than Japan. I thought the other trees behind the sakura were like green giants protecting the little princess. As I came out from the car park, I walked past an orange orchard.

Manapang Mountain Hiking Trail 8/10

The Manapan hike is a shortish walk, around 2.3km ascending 400 metres up and descending back down the same route. This hike is a family friendly one suitable for kids as there are no difficult scrambling, just some stairs, which although hard work, nothing that a child can't manage. In fact, on my way up, I saw a few families with kids already on their way back down from their hike. The hike starts off on gentle terrain, crossing a couple of bridges, and gradually ascending into the mountain forest.

Manapang Mountain Hiking Trail 8/10

As I ascended further up, there are more steps. This normally means the hike is going to get a bit tougher. I love the variety of the steps, that come in different forms yet all blended in with the trail. The other thing I like about this trail is that it's not enclosed under the trees and you get to see the beautiful blue sky above you.

Manapang Mountain Hiking Trail 10/10

After an hour and half of hiking, I finally reached the Manapan peak at 1406 metres above sea levels. I started off at 1020 meters. The path towards the summit is lined with pretty pink flowers in the one side, and the blue skies filled with clouds on the other side. I wonder if this is what walking towards paradise looks like. The trig point here is classified as a class 1 trig point in Taiwan. There are four classes, and I'm told tclass 1 means you can see the furthest away. The view was absolutely breath taking, and I think really worth the not too strenuous hike up here.

梯田料理 9/10

I lingered up at the summit for about half an hour soaking in the scenery around me, realising why it is the second most popular hike in Taiwan. I would have loved to stay longer had me friend not said it was time to leave. He said he found a great restaurant down in the village that specialises in local ingredients, specifically strawberry. This area is well known for its strawberries. It was a great way to round off the hike, particularly as I could see the Manapan summit from outside the restaurant. Hard to believe I was up there only an hour ago.


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