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Testing the New Overwatch Hero | Baptiste

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It's that time of the year again where Overwatch releases a new Hero. This time they chose to develop another Support Hero with very unique characteristics. I was able to test Baptiste today in a couple of matches and in the Practice Range. The first thing I liked about this character is that you can jump very high and the minigun is very powerful. In your weapon, you have two types of bullets, the normal ones where you can make damage to the enemy and the secondary fire to heal your teammates. You can also send a healing wave with one of the skills and with the other skill you can prevent yourself and your teammates from dying if they stay within range. The Ultimate ability lets you cause extra damage to all enemies behind your "magic" wall.

Images and Screenshots were taken form Overwatch Official Page

Videos From Overwatch Official YouTube Channel

Gameplay Footage Taken by me on My Xbox One


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