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The price of LCT has finally erupted once『LCT的价格终于爆发了一次』


4 months agoeSteem


A week ago, I felt that the price of LCT should not be so low. But I don't know what caused so many people to keep selling.
在一个星期以前,我就觉得 LCT 的价格不应该这么低。但是我却不知道是什么原因造成这么多人在不停地卖出。

So, I hung up the bid at the 0.00013 steemp position. As a result, this bid completed a large part of the day before yesterday.
于是,我在 0.00013 steemp 这个位置挂了买单。结果这个 bid 在前天就完成了一大部分。

At the moment, the decision I made at the time was correct. After the LCT fell to 0.00013 steemp, it did not continue to fall.
目前来看,我当初所做的这个决定是正确的。在 LCT 跌到0.00013 steemp 以后就没有继续下跌。

Among today's transaction prices, the highest reached 0.003 steemp. This price is 23 times higher than the price I bought.
今天的成交价当中,最高达到了0.003 steemp。这个价格比我购买的价格高了足足23倍。


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