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Overview of Ned's third livestream

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6 months agoBusy

Net Scott is the CEO of Steem Inc. He recently did a very important livestream in which a lot of good stuff about Steemit was revealed by him. Here's a detailed overview of the livestream with bookmarked links to YouTube.

00.20: Ned tests whether the livestream is working or not

02.50: Ned taking questions from viewers

03.25: Ned discusses the recent update about cutting costs / firing 70% stuff

10.30: Discussion about Steem api node and content censorship

21.37: Discussion about reducing costs

35.34: Ned talking about SMT

49.07: STEEM Blockchain development

58.38: Ned reveals that annually it costs 2 million dollars to run and they are working on saving 750,000 by cutting costs.

A lot of important stuff came out from this livestream which is the reason why watched it. What we learned is that after cost cuts, it would take around 1.25 million to run for a year at the current pace.

I made this post so that people who want to watch this stream can navigate to it easily. I hope it helps. Also, consider making a comment about these updates.


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