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My rationally for why Brave Browser should consider adding a lite Antivirus


last yearSteemit2 min read

I recently read an article about how Chrome web browser integrated a lite Antivirus with basic functions. You can read more about how to scan a computer using Chrome here:

This gave me another idea. If Chrome can do it, Brave should be able to do it too! What Brave will have to do is, partner with a company like Avast, ESET etc and provide Antivirus solutions that will help protect Brave Browser's client side data. That is, the data a user stores inside the browser such as browsing history, Bookmarks etc.

These are very sensitive data that if exposed to malicious hand, will be used to violate user privacy. This goes against the core principle of Brave which is to provide users with better privacy controls over their data. Letting them choose whether they want their data to be used or not.

This is the reason why I made a little noise about this issue on r/BATProject the biggest community of Brave users. You can read more about this on the following link:

The above thread I reposted on r/brave_browser as well for more discussion on this issue.

Contents of the thread:

Brave should consider putting a lite antivirus that will protect it if it is installed in a computer that doesn't have virus protection. What do you guys think? Would like to hear from team as well about this.


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