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My critic of whaleshares' decentralization


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello, I am littleboy from Steemit. I think many of you have already bumped into my profile or content once or twice. I am primarily known for calling a spade a spade.

This is my short critic of whaleshares about things I don't like about it. The start of whaleshares had a system that required people to join the discord server of whaleshares to create accounts.

Here's a six months old article my Stella Belle about how to create an account on whaleshares:

The problem with this onboarding system is that this system was biased in favor of the creator of Whaleshares. Whaleshare's creator,

made the community almost exclusively centered around him. He used to giveaway in many contests to his shill squad who benefited from shilling him. This shill squad become the primary users of the community before it was opened to the public.

This I believe goes against decentralization. Whaleshares would have the highest rewards in tokens during the start.

But by starting out without allowing random users who found out about the site led to the community getting dominated by the team, friends of team members & the shill squad.

The reason this is bad is because I think this goes against decentralization. If the team is limiting onboarding instead of creating a system where anyone can onboard himself with available information, it limits decentralization of the community.

I am open to debate with whaleshare community members about it. I am sure there are many whaleshare users on here. Please consider leaving a comment.


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