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I am on Twitter, follow me to earn upvotes


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I recently became active on Twitter. I have posted a lot of stuff. Most of which received positive feedback. But I am facing a problem. I am having a hard time building up a large follower base. I have over 1800 followers in steemit. Compared to that, I have only 20 something on Twitter.

I assume many of my followers in Steemit, would love to follow me on Twitter as well. So, if you are interested in my content, please consider following my twitter handle. Here it is:

To incentivize my followers on Steem to follow me on Twitter, I will give out free upvotes to those who will follow me on twitter. Follow me using the link above and post a screenshot of you following me as a comment to this post. You must also resteem this post and mention your twitter username so that I can verify it.

It is to prove that you are following me. The screenshot must include your username and indicate that you are following me. Let me show you an example (I am showing proof that I follow BrendanEich):

This promotional campaign will run for 4 days. I will try to upvote as many posts as I can. I reserve the right to adjust the voting weight.

Terms of entering this promotional campaign.

You must agree to the following terms to enter this promotional campaign. If you don't agree to the terms, don't enter it.

By entering this campaign, you agree that I may stop or change the rules of this campaign any time I want. I hold the right to not vote on your comment or remove upvotes. I won't be held responsible for what people share in the comments.


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