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9 months agoBusy2 min read

Trybe launched its advertisement system yesterday with an official announcement. In this post, I will guide my readers about how to post an advertisement on blogging platform.

First of all, you need to visit

After visiting the advertising portal, you will see a form like webpage shown below. The form has some fields that must be filled before you can continue to the next step. Check on the Cost per Click round box like I have shown below and then again check on your desired package of advertisement.


As you can see above, I checked the 10 clicks package which costs 200.00T. T refers to TRYBE tokens. Add your email address in the form field with the header “Your email”. There are some more forms you need to fill. In the following screencap, I showed a domo of how I filled them to advertise a trybe post.


After you successfully fill all the form fields, click pay now! button in the bottom left. Clicking on the pay now! button will take you to the checkout. The checkout will ask you to confirm your advertisement order by clicking Place order. I have highlighted that button in the following screencap. Clicking it will will complete the process.


Now that your advertisement is live, you can check its stats by visiting again (scroll down to the bottom). Also, some other things you should know:

Don’t use huge images as a featured image on the ads. If the image size is higher than 256kb or resolution is higher than 1024 pixels, the site will return this error: “Error! Image too high! (maximum file size: 1024x800px & 256kb)”

There are character limits on “Ad title (40)”, “Ad description (80)” and “Ad URL (255)” form field. The number beside the form fields is the limit. That means, titles are limited to 40 characters, Ad description is limited to 80 characters and URL 255 characters.


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