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EOS social engineering scam tries fooling people into giving away their private keys

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4 months agoSteemit

Today, a redditor found that a social engineering scam was trying to scam EOS holders by promising to give them fake tokens. This is very common tactic in EOS because of the memo feature.

Since there are not restrictions on EOS memos, anyone can send a transfer with a memo that tries to fool people into submit their credentials into a malicious phishing site. Many users (who weren't very bright) lost money during the mainnet launch after falling prey to these tricky scams.

The two most common methods is to promise users that they will receive valuable tokens and the 2nd is to tell them they will be claiming tokens of a fork. After looking into the scammer account, I am confident he failed to steal any EOS from holders.

That's because even non savy users are aware of these cheap tricks. Once a scam method becomes very common, it is harder to use it again and again against people who have already faced that trick.


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