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Pursuit of strength

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5 months ago2 min read

There are many instances in my life where I'm stuck in a situation that I dislike. I prefer working alone and for myself in a company, being a team player is not my forte.

It's not that I hate being with other people in doing a specific task, I just feel like I'm better working on a task by having all the freedom for me to execute it in my own way. One of the reasons is the fact that I've been working on this specific task in the entire period of my professional life.

In this period, I already developed a specific way of implementing the process to achieve the goal. I have my own workstyle. I'm not particularly fond of other people that are trying to change the procedure because they thought they can do better than me, especially when they are a lot younger than me.

They may have an interesting idea but I have the experience which I have proven it over the years.

Even so, I still try to listen and be open-minded about new ideas. This applies whenever I'm faced with a new technology that is beyond my skill & experience. I make sure that I will remain at par with the world.

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I may be old but my mindset is gravitated to the most effective way of doing things.

In essence, be confident to your strength but be open-minded to make yourself stronger.

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