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The worst thing that can happen to a person, is to feel that “they have arrived”.

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When a person gets to the place where they feel that they have arrived, they get lax, and laid back, feeling that they have accomplished, or achieved. But in reality, that is just an important time, to be protective of his/her's possessions and accomplishments, as ever before.

A quote I have heard many times, and probably you have too, that “Success is a journey“. It isn’t a position in a company, or a level of education, or possessions that a person has acquired. Success isn’t determined until the individual’s life is over.

To many times, we take for granted the things we have, or the people that have come into our lives, and put “face values” upon them, like the face values of a Jack to an Ace in a deck of cards. When everything should have the same, or equal value of protection if we cherish them as we say we do.

Our friends, our family, our education, our jobs and careers, our relationships with those that we need to hold dear, we need to never feel like we have arrived.

To me, one of the boring games to watch is baseball. Yet I am always amazed at the athletic abilities of the players.

According to my digging around, there have been only 303 “no-hitters games” thrown since 1875. In a “no-hitter game”, the team up to bat, are still able to reach a base by “walks, errors” and if the batter gets hit by the pitcher.

Plus only 23 times in the history of major league baseball, there have been what is called a “Perfect game”. That is where, at least one team, did not “ever” reach a base. No walks, no errors, no batter being hit by the pitcher, nor even a batter hitting the ball.

See what I’m talking about? “Boring”.

But what about the athletes that are members of the team that threw the “perfect game”, or the “no-hitter game”? Being out there in the outfield, or covering a base, for nine innings, and never having to chase a ball, or try to tag someone out?

Again, that is what I call boring! A ballplayer could fall asleep in the outfield, especially going into the ninth inning, after already going through eight, without even flexing a muscle.

But what happens when the sound of the bat hitting the ball, breaks the silence of the air? In a split second, the baseman, or the outfield, every muscle in his body goes to work. You see the ball player doing all kinds of acrobatic skills, running, jumping, and in mid-air, twisting and turning, and throwing the ball, and like an archer shooting its arrow, hitting its mark.

And that may be the only time that that ballplayer ever flexes his muscles during the whole nine innings. But the key is, is that “he was in the game”. He didn’t feel like he had arrived, not until the game was finished, not until it was won.

We can never know what is going to be given to us, day by day, or even hour by hour, or minute by minute. Just as the ballplayer, never knows, when he is going to need to flex his muscles, which way is he going to need to go, to the left, to the right, frontwards or backward, until that bat hits the ball. Then he only has a split second, to act.

When we get to that dreadful place, of feeling that we have arrived, whether it be with the relationship with our husband/wife, our job, career, knowledge, a position with a company, political position, wealth, etc. Then when it comes time to flex our muscles and protect the things that are valuable to us, we will be spending more time shaking ourselves, rather than flexing.

And then the things we hold dear, are gone.


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