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Contribute To Medical Research With BANANO


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Earn BANANO By Contributing To Medical Research


Some weeks ago I came across Banano, a meme coin forked from Nano.
Initially I just went "pass" in the back of my mind until I saw they're using [email protected] to support Medical Research by assigning "miners" unused CPU/GPU processing power to analyse data assigned in Work Units (WU) known as folding.
Contributors are rewarded with $BAN for completing Work Units.


"Folding refers to the way human protein folds in the cells that make up your body. We rely on the proteins to keep us healthy and they assemble themselves by folding. But when they misfold, there can be serious consequences to a person’s health."

From [email protected]

What The Fork?

Being a fork of Nano, Banano inherits the technologies found in the Nano blockchain;

Block-latice (dubbed block-lettuce), a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based architecture enabling each individual account to be assigned its own blockchain otherwise known as an account chain resulting in near instant P2P transactions with ZERO-FEES.

@bananocurrency offers an opportunity to be compensated for contributing to a great cause and creates a fun environment for everyone. They're also developing a privacy layer dubbed Camo Banano


Faucets, games, miners and wallets can be found here

Note: $BAN can be stored on a Ledger device and managed with Bananovault, installing the Banano app requires the Nano app to be installed too. I wish I was told this weeks ago!.
*Visuals from Banano's Bitcointalk thread


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