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Translation of The Curious Expedition, From-en to Portuguese (1093) words). #Part 2


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Project Details

Curious Expedition is a roguelike expedition simulation set in the late 19th century. Together with famous personalities you will venture on unprecedented expeditions to regions never explored before for fame, science and treasures. On Crowdin there is there is an open-source project that allows everyone to translate the linguistic content of the game.

I really identify myself with this game, in a sense that I play similar games and I love them.
Saying this, obviously the translations get easier and quicker.
I think my work will help other people to get a better understanding of the gameplay it self and how the game functions.

Ahead, there is the link of the game's webpage:

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

I worked on the "Main Game" folder and translated several strings. Those strings were mainly the narrator talking or dialogues between the main character and sub characters.

  • Example of Strings Translated:

[The beast seemed confused by my offering.|My gift angered the monster!|The ice ape did not seem convinced.] I tried my best so show what an amazing gift I chose, but the monster decided to punish me instead.


[A besta parecia confusa com a minha oferta.|O meu presente enfureceu o monstro!|O primata do gelo não parecia convencido.] Tentei o meu melhor para mostrar o quão maravilhoso era o presente que haveria escolhido, mas, ao invés disso, o monstro decidiu castigar-me.


[I needed a gift!|I rummaged through my pack to offer it something.|An offering should appease the monster.|I decided to befriend it through the power of gifts.]


[Precisava de um presente!|Procurei na minha mochila algo para oferecer.|Uma oferta deveria satisfazer o monstro.|Decidi ganhar a sua amizade com o poder dos presentes.]

  • My Activity
  • The project's folders
  • First and last strings can be found here and here


This translation was made from English to Portuguese.

I have experience in other translations on Crowdin, rewarded by Utopian, like the Byteball project, Steem White Paper, falling sky, etc.
I am aswell a translator, proofreader and community manager for Scorum.

Word Count

  • The amount of words translated in this contribution is: 1093
  • Part 1 linked here

Proof of Authorship

The record of my translations are on my crowdin profile and can be found here aswell as my activity.
The project activity can be found here


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