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a paradise on earth


2 years agoBusy

I'm interested in the question. Was there a paradise on earth? It's a fiction or something like that existed.
We so often use this concept, it has become part of our everyday life, everyone knows it, but what exactly we mean by this. Fiction or reality has long disappeared.
I do not presume to consider the religious concept of paradise. Only the material question of this phenomenon.
If it was not there, it would be a man to invent such a thing. It concerns everything that was invented by man. Exit should be based on something. But if this is whose imagination? I do not know. As a rule, all fantasies are practical and completely meaningful. We can distinguish fiction nonsense, from the invention for which the time has not yet come, but it is quite feasible. Very often, discoveries or inventions appear as they say to the place. Probably this is because the collective mind has a property to accumulate, and with the development of society we solve all the more difficult and more complicated tasks.
It is interesting when we solve the problem with the existence of paradise on Earth.

photo Another Day In Paradise
by priteeboy


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