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My Actifit Report Card: October 15 2019


9 months ago2 min read

It really pays off when you start early in the day. You get to do more.

I went for a jog in the morning. I passed by this barber shop again and it was already open and it was not 5:00 am yet. It is not always open that early though for some days it is close when I passed it.

I have now a new routine. I jog all the way through the capitol and then do rounds of stairs. After that, jog to the farm.

This time instead of running back home taking the university route, I walked to the swamp and out to Pico Road.

This is the leaning house in swamp. I was told it was not occupied but I saw people there one time.

Any kind of vehicle can be used for delivery. I passed this as I was exiting swamp.

I was thinking going to Longlong again but time is of the essence.

After my jog and walk, I went home and then went to the grocery later in the evening to complete my count.

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