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Philippines Traditional Games 90's


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Philippines Traditional Games starting to vanish in the way of technology

These are games played by the children or even the older. Philippines traditional games had 3 different type, Larong bahay (Home Games), the Street Games and the Festival Games. Some of the games need or usually use a materials or instrument to be played. Many of the Filipino, can't afford to buy a toys because of the creativity of the Filipino they create/inventing a games without the need of anything but the players themselves.

The traditional games can be played outdoor or indoor. You can feel the excitement and thrill when the games started.

(Luskong Tinik (jump over the thorns) - this games you need to jump over the tinik (thorns), by the use of hand foot as thron alternative, players facing each other with the soles of their feet touching. This is the first level that jumpers must successfully jump through without touching any of their body parts with those of the thorns’ body parts.


(Sungka - a traditional Filipino game wherein each player have set of cups/holes containing stones or shells. If the person set of cups/holes no stones or shells left he/she the winner of the game.)


(Dama (checkers) - another familiar game and familiar pastime that uses skill, usually played by males 10 years old and above, and played either indoors. This games need to wipe all the other player chips to win the game.)


(Jackstones - a common game in the Philippines. Girls love playing this! This games had a different level and exhibition you need to do. If you failed to do the level or exhibition, you friend will called you a "Baboy or a Pig".)


(Dampa - This games usually use a rubber band.)


(Bahay-Bahayan - a role-playing game, where children act like as a member of a family.)


(Luksong Baka (jump over the cow) - A popular variation of Luksong Tinik, one player crouches while the other players jump over him/her.


(Patintero - game also known as tubigan. The object of the game is to block the other team's players from passing.)


Piko (Hopscoth) - The players stand behind the edge of a lines, and each should throw their cue ball or stone. The first to play is determined depending on the players' agreement . Whoever succeeds in throwing the stone nearest to the place that they have agreed upon will play first. The next nearest is second, and so on.)


(Tumbang preso - This games you need to hit the tin can using your slippers to help your friends to run to the base.)


(Holen - played using a marble, you need to hit the other players marble or shot the marble in the hole to gain points.)


(Sipa - a look like shuttlecock, wherein boys attempt to kick. They use their shoulder, knee or hand to play this games.)


(Trumpo or Kooti - game that manipulating a pieces of wood, shape like an egg and pointed in iron nail.)


(Tagu - taguan or Hide & Seek)


(Palo Sebo - this game you need to climb and get the flag on the top of the bamboo.)


(Pabitin - this is fun, you need to jump to get the hanging item.)


(Hit the Pot - you'll need to do is hit the pot while your in blind fold.)


(Agawan ng Niyog - a greased coconut , this games need the player to secure the greased coconut to the other player.)


(Hanapan Pera - a treasure hunting in the plate of flour, the player need to find the coins or money in the flour.)


Sadly, lot of the traditional games today starting to vanish, because of our growing technology. Some of children now, staying at home playing PSP, Xbox, cellphones, computer and watching TV, wasting there free time. The socio



(Face Coin - the player need to move down the coin using facial movement.)


Filipino children nowadays are left with a choice, to keep up with the flow of modern times ,dwell on virtual games and completely leave behind traditional entertainment or try to learn the games and simply have fun with it. But they don't have to make this choice at all if we just lay out our concerns on this matter and find a better, drastic and creative solution to create the balance that is justly needed.


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