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[Translation] - Vietnamese Steem White Paper - Part 1 - 1058 words


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Project Details

  • The target project:

Steem White Paper provides us important knowldge and background about cryptocurrency Steem. This is issued by a competent authority to present a concept, a topic, which makes it easy for the reader to understand and cover the problem. So the whitepaper is very important in evaluating an ICO project or a new virtual currency platform.

  • My motivation:

I have joined this project for 2 reasons:

First reason is that I want to learn about the field of some new terms in cryptocurrency market, especially Steem. Because you will be paid by Steem when having the good content and receive award if they are appreciated by the community.

Second reason is helping my community to take smart invest. Because a good whitepaper will make investors willing to spend more money on the project.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

I have translated 2 parts: some small parts of Eliminating Transaction Fees

Translating this part helps me to understand clearly about Full Reserve and Fractional Reserve. The worst case is a fully overloaded network that will be moved to a Full Reserve. When running a Fractional Reserve, each individual can use more bandwidth than the amount of bandwidth they enjoy at that time, as long as not everyone uses the Internet at the same time.

  • Languages :

Source Language: English

Target Language: Vietnamese

Experience: I have shown my experience in this application

  • Word count


My words count : 1106

Untranslated words: 48

Total translated words : 1058

There are some words I keep remaining for example: Ethereum, Google, token ETH, 10$, ID, reCAPTCHA.

Proof of Authorship

My activity was be shown in Crowdin project on the following link:

My activity in Crowdin

Screenshots of the work I have done is as bellow:

New Bitmap Image.bmp

New Bitmap Image.bmp

New Bitmap Image.bmp

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