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Cable way in Ba Na Hills Park, Da Nang.


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About the cable way you need to write separately.
The cable car and park are 30 km west of the city.
As you already know from my previous stories, we got there with an excursion in a minibus.
When we climbed it into the park, I noticed that it is very long, noted that it is longer than the cable car to Buddha Park in Hong Kong (which is near the airport), but then I did not know that this cable car is in the Guinness Book of Records, like a road at the highest altitude.
And it struck me that there are 4 cable car lines in the park.

What is unique about this cable car?
Built in 2009, it fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the highest cable car above sea level. Its length is 5 km, in principle, in the Buddha Park in Hong Kong is longer, there is the longest cable car with a length of 5.7 km.
But, going up in Da Nang for 15-20 minutes, the road seems longer, because we constantly go up, and in Hong Kong, going up is not so steep.
The booths are larger and more comfortable, they accommodate 6-8 people, inside there is air conditioning, music plays, all for the complete relaxation of the people whom it takes to the amusement park, even those who are afraid of heights.
The cable car passes 1,500 people and has 94 cabins.
In some of the videos that I shot, I call this road a cable car. Some commentators on Reddit have already corrected me. Therefore, I will correct myself too.
This is just a familiar word in the Russian language, when we all name the cable cars in different ways, either the cable car or the funicular.
For those who do not see the difference, I will explain.
The cable way is exactly what you see, it is the cabins that lift you along the ropes.
And the funicular is a tram on rails, such as in Hong Kong, for example, on the ascent and descent uphill to Victoria Peak.
Therefore, I will call this climb the cable route, but you also know that by the funicular I meant it.
So, we were brought to the foot of the mountain, where the beginning of the cable road, the entrance, and the sale of tickets are there.
Everything was paid for, and our guide just handed out tickets to all of us, showed us where to go, and our group went after a crowd of people.
The crowd is very large. Everything is beautiful, made in the form of a park, a pond, flowers, very beautiful.
At the entrance, decoration for Halloween.

Entrance inward, ascending the escalator to the second floor. The road passes by such a pond.

And above is again a pond and greenery.

The same crowd of people among whom we are walking.

Here we saw that there are four cable roads. But then I did not really understand what it is. I just saw that there are four different roads, and the color of each booth is different.
It turns out that it says where every road goes, and hours of work are written.

See how interesting boats decorate the ceiling of the corridor we are walking along.

And here are the cabins, large, roomy, and there are many, they go one by one, 8 people fit. You can watch more in small videos at the end of the post.

Climb up. Long and through several hills, higher and higher. At a certain height, we entered a dense - dense fog.
Climbing the cable car is a pleasure in itself, as it takes you up to a height of 1,500 meters above sea level, swimming in the clouds, and from above you have wonderful views of Mount Ba Na.
Many passengers broadcast online directly from the booths, showing the entire rise online.

In the thick fog.

And here we are in the arrivals hall. We arrived. Flew by.

For those who have read to the end, and who are interested, I publish at the end of the article short videos from the ascent and descent.
On the descent, I set my iPhone to time-lapse time-lapse photography, and took a full 15-20 minute descent from the mountain.

Here we go up to the booths.

Here we are in line for landing in these booths.

And now, let's go. Up, then down in the evening.

And this is an accelerated version of the shooting descent.

To be continued....

All photos are copyright.

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