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Steem. What is it that brought me here?


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Steem. What is it that brought me here?

To whom it may concern - Steemians and Content Creators

I am a professional content creator.

I have been creating content for nearly 15 years. Videos, live streaming, photography, podcasts and anything else that is exciting and new.

I see discussions on Steemit concerning what people may think is the answer to bringing people to the Steem community. I’ve read what some may think is necessary to bring a flowing economy to Steem in regards to what type of quality, content, and people that would make this the new success story of 2019.

This is a message to all the content creators here. Bloggers, Video Creators, Photographers, Live streamers, Artists and everything in between.

Do you! Be inspired! Don’t base your content on what others think is good or better. Everyone starts from nothing. You’ve taken the first step in creating your art, showing off your creativity to the internet world.

With experience comes Quality and Knowledge to succeed! Do not create for the sole reason of cashing out. Create because you enjoy it, create because you have passion, create to make the world a better place! Everything else will come in time.

My motivation for coming to Steem and Dlive explained.

I have been a live streamer and Partner on (Microsoft’s platform) for 3 years. I discovered the Steemit community back in March and didn’t really think anything of it. I was examining Dtube at the time and contemplating possibly creating content for it, but things happen and later forgot about it entirely.

Fast forward a little and a friend of mine introduced me to Dlive. What I learned at that point, is how amazing the idea of viewers rewarding content creators with cryptocurrency is. Innovation at its finest! It’s exciting to be on Dlive and see what the future holds. There’s lots of potential for artists to be rewarded and it’s a great example of what should happen in the industry to reward content creators.

I really love the idea of rewarding people for the hard work put in, giving hope to those who find no reward in a seemingly endless sea of entertainers.
The Steem blockchain is really a unique system that will grow with word of mouth from content creators here on the platform.

People like me. People like you!

Here are some tips for all the content creators on Steem.
Take the information and do with it what you feel is right for you!

  • Think outside the box. Think about how you can promote yourself and the platform outside of Steem. (twitter, instagram, youtube, twitch, mixer, etc…)

  • I know there is alot of focus on Steem here, and that’s ok, but don’t lose touch with what makes your content great! I come here as an everyday live streamer, not as a steem expert. I have fun with games, conversation, my live audience and the joy that it is of being a content creator. Oh, and I talk to them about why I’m on Dlive, what makes it unique and why I like it. (this brings my friends over)

  • Be consistent!!! Set a schedule, it REALLY is important. Just think about all your favorite TV shows, do you know when to watch them? Your viewers will know when to watch you!

  • Quality - I feel this is an important thing. But this is something that will happen the more you do it. Don’t worry about buying all the things now. You do what you do with what you have now, in time your success will supply you with what you need to grow. Try your best to make it LOOK good and SOUND good!

  • Don’t forget to visit other creators and peers! I’ve made some great friends on DLIVE, I’ve learned some things and I enjoy their content! It’s ok to share the love and knowledge, it’s ok to help others, don’t worry, you won’t lose viewers or fans!

  • Set some short term/long term goals. Ask yourself: Why do I create my content? What do I want from this? How can I make this better for my fans? Where do I expect to be in a year?

I do what I do because I enjoy it A LOT! I love making people laugh/smile. I love being inspirational to others. I enjoy making people’s day.

If you aren’t enjoying what you do, don’t expect anyone to enjoy it either!

I hope this brings some perspective as to what brought me here to Steem. Also a little help with how to bring people together on this platform.

Have a great day!

Verified Dlive Content Creator
Discord/Mixer/Humble Partner

Twitter: @lagbys
Instagram: @lagbys
Youtube: @lagby_com


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