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The Old Dog Asks: Can YOU Succeed On Steemit Simply By Commenting? Meet @eric-boucher


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Are You New To Steemit? Are You Struggling To Be Seen? Make Meaningful Comments!

That's how many of us started, as commenters. Sure we wrote posts, but to make connections, get our name out there, have our avatar instantly recognized and develop our brand we did lots of commenting!

In the beginning I often made much more through commenting than I did through writing articles and you can do the same! REMEMBER COMMENTS ARE CONTENT AND CAN BE UPVOTED JUST LIKE BLOG POSTS! Good commenting is a skill and it will be rewarded!

Let's Take A Look At A Highly Successful And Much Loved Commenter!

I call him the King of Commenters and The Professional Encourager. Who is he? @eric-boucher

Photo Credit: The Man himself @eric-boucher!

First of all @eric-boucher is a talented photographer and an interesting guy. You should follow him just for that reason. Check out one of his recent articles to see what I mean!

"COMING  DOWN THE MOUNTAIN”, MOUNT ROBSON PROVINCIAL PARK, “BERG LAKE TRAILS”,  BRITISH COLUMBIA., from "A Summer of Adventures, Love and Photographic  Journeys". (Part 10)

The fact is though that @eric-boucher doesn't post articles all that often but what he does do, perhaps better than almost anyone else, is comment! 

Why is @eric-boucher so Successful?

  • First of all his comments are kind, appreciative and have a positive tone!
  • He also gives his opinion and often his analysis of the information in the article. He doesn't simply write: "Good article" or "nice post." He engages you, and you find yourself looking forward to his visit!
  • @eric-boucher takes the time to answer questions that an article has posed.
  • He comments a lot! Look at his comment page HERE. There are 20-30 a day!

What Else Can You Learn From This Commenting King?

@eric-boucher is not afraid to upvote his own comment. Not only does that move him up on the page but he gets to pay himself for the comment! And why shouldn't he? He's put a lot of work into Steemit and he brings valuable content to the table! Way to go @eric-boucher!

Please Scroll Through His Comment Page. Click On Some of Them And learn From A Master!

I picked the examples below almost at random and none are older than 8 days! Notice the dollar figures in red!

Have A Look At @eric-boucher's Author Rewards!

As I mentioned @eric-boucher doesn't post a lot of articles so as you scroll down the list you'll see that most of his rewards were earned through commenting! WOW!

@eric-boucher earned about $118.00 last week through commenting! 

What About You?

  • Will you check out @eric-boucher?
  • Do you like to receive nice comments?
  • Can you be an active commenter? 

I hope that you enjoyed meeting @eric-boucher, the Commenting King and The Professional Encourager!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Remember, I reward the best comment(s) on each of my posts with my "The Old Dog is Throwing You a Bone" program! So please re-steem and follow so that we can spread the wealth!     


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