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ZETHR (Be the House.)

Zethr is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. It is maybe the most developed and most advanced smart contract ever, with a real business use case, a casino on the blockchain. In this casino you are the owner, as soon as you hold the ZTH token. When you buy or sell the ZTH you pay a fee that is a % from 2% to 33%, you decide. If you choose the 2% fee then you will in return get 2% of other peoples buys and sells. If you choose the 33% then you will get 33% of other peoples buys and sells. Its the dividend model that came with P3D, just with the further innovation that you can choose your div%.

How is it a business?

When you hold the ZTH tokens, you get dividends every-time people buy or sell the tokens (the % accordingly to at which % you bought) and you get profits from when people gamble in the casino. Every Saturday the profits from the latest week of gambling is paid out to the token holders. That is why we call Saturday for Zethrday.

What is beautiful about this casino, is that it is 100% on the blockchain.

Since Zethr is in an ETH smart contract, then there are no people involved in the money transactions and the games are provable fair. People that understand what blockchain is and what a smart contract is will understand how genius of a business Zethr is. Imagine that there are no risk of a manager to corruptly not pay you your profits, this risk is literally in all of kinds of business's, where you will need to trust, the lawyer, the banker, the accountant, the dealers and so on. With Zethr, you only have to trust the code and other people have tested that for you and proven to you with their money that they trust the code.

The referral link, called a masternode

As fare as I know, then masternodes came first with the DASH blockchain and DASH crypto project. In DASH a masternode is a very expensive node that is essentially getting extra profits from securing the network and stabilizing of the price. With P3D came a new concept of masternodes, it is where you will get a referral link in return for holding a set number of tokens, in P3D it was 5 tokens, but got changed to 100 tokens later. With Zethr you will have to hold 100 ZTH tokens in order to get a masternode referral link. With the referral link you can promote Zethr and make extra dividend profits:

"Once you have 100 ZTH tokens, you can view your masternode at the top of the Exchange page. When someone else buys in after having clicked on your masternode link, YOU will receive 25% of the dividends that they pay." (ZETHR)

Is this a scam like Bitconnect?

Unlike Bitconnect, Zethr is 100% on the blockchain, so no Zethr is not a scam like Bitconnect. On the other hand I think there is a relatively small possibility that Zethr will get hyped a little like Bitconnect, since it has a refferal program and people therefore have an incentive to promote it in all kinds of ways. Unlike Bitconnect, the profits on Zethr are slower as it is a real business and not a ponzi scheme, like Bitconnect was. Zethr is a real oppotunity to be a business owner and to be a promoter, where you will be rewarded when people buy the business's products (real provable fair casino games) and ones you have done a sale (of ZTH tokens so that other people become a casino owner too).

Conclusion: Not a punzi scam but a real business on the blockchain, that anyone can enter, no matter their capital available, location and so on.

The games on Zethr

There are already 4 casino games on the platform:

Slots and dice is well-known games, whereas the ZETHR developers have made two new games, one called Cards and one called Hell. Those games are explained on the website, they make complete sense to me and especially Cards are proving the validity of this casino platform, since the prices for those cards are very high. To me this proves that this platform is not a joke.

What can I expect will happen with the price of Zethr and the amount of ETH in the contract?

There are continuous transactions and gambling in the contract, here are some recent transactions:

resent transactions.png (ZETHR)

Zethr has only existed roughly 2 months and there are about 5700 ETH in the contract. If we compare with P3D that has 38000 ETH in the contract, then Zethr is only about 16% of P3D in terms of ETH in contract.

Some people say that because of the price of ETH is going down, then ETH smart contract games are not popular anymore, I do think that this is not necessarily true. The price of ETH going down is affecting Zethr negatively but because it is a finished product with continuing developments, I do think the amount of ETH in the Zethr contract will go up at one point. For sure the EOS blockchain is the best smart contract blockchain in existence, but still Zethr is a real business working right now. There is nothing like Zethr on the EOS blockchain as of today.

To speculate on how much ETH will come into the Zethr contract is hard, but I could easily see at-least a 10x up from now at one point.

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