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Either I'm a Steem noob again, or Steem is having issues again :/


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I've been reverted back to noob status of someone who first joins the blockchain with a few handful of votes on a post. 12 votes after over an hour on a new post. Something is odd... what's happening here?

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Either I've lost much support, or maybe it's a very busy Saturday with hardly anyone around to vote on posts? Or maybe this is the telling state of Steem, where most of the votes I and others get is from autobot automated autovoting services :/

I've expressed my dislike about this issue before. It's just sad that our social media platform is run through automation, not actual human actions or behaviors.

I know this is how things are most likely going to stay forever. There is no changing it apart from people wanting to change it by changing how they do things. But that is not likely to happen unless there is greater benefit (economic benefit that is) to engage in curating the platform's content through actual human behavior.

So here is another post where expresses dismay at how things are here. I vote manually to keep the human-driven platform behavior "dream" alive. I benefit from autovoting, as many of the votes I receive come by that way. There is too much content for many accounts to reward so much of it by manually voting for everyone each day.

Autovoting is here to stay. It just sucks that is "has" to be this way in order for more people to get rewarded by the few with most of the power to do the rewarded (higher SP accounts) :( "Social media" without social human behavior driving it just seems like a failure of what social media is supposed to be...

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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