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IdeaHub: Make your visions come true


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It has to be now or never!

Have you ever thought of a solution to a problem you were facing? This is your chance to help make your idea a reality!

Take a few moments to think and join likeminded individuals to share your idea and to pitch your ideas. A spark can get a fire going! So step forward and do join us for our next show!

You may think that it is impossible or difficult to be creative enough to pitch a cool or feasible idea. But we're making it easy, because the session will be highly collaborative amongst you, the idea owner, and the community.

Do you know anyone who would love to be on this show? Do not hesitate to invite them. This is a great opportunity to turn an idea into a working project which will, in turn, benefit a lot of people.

Here is how to get in touch with us to pitch your idea.

Are you excited about this initiative? You should be! Here is how to register and pitch your revolutionary idea.

  • Join Utopian's discord server:

  • Quickly introduce yourself on the #introduction section

  • Navigate to the #get-onair channel and tell us a little bit about your project idea

  • I will get in touch with you to line you up for the show.

Previously on IdeaHub

IdeaHub returned last mi. The CEO of (@elear) was on this show and pitched a very cool idea about creating a curation trail which will be another way to incentivise open source contributor more. With the help of the community, the idea is now realized and announced here. Thanks to all the awesome folks who were able to join this awesome show. Click here to listen to the last week IdeaHub show podcast.

We are everywhere!

As previously mentioned on our initial announcement, we are streaming to most of our social media accounts and forum such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimm, and of course our discord server where we stream live from. We are also available on podcast which will allow anyone to listen to the show at their convenience.

About Our Host and Crew

Our host, @jedigeiss is a developer, a banker, and a Steem veteran. He’s a member of the new steering committee aimed at creating the Steem Alliance foundation that will take over much of the managing of the blockchain from Steemit Inc.

Producer @buckydurddle is a veteran producer of both video and audio, and the CM of our Video Tutorials category. He edits the shows, runs the raffles, and makes sure everything works.

See you on the show on Monday 8-9pm UTC

Join the community on Discord:


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