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Street and Park Skating with the fTR Crew Homies


22 days agoSteemit


Crazy skateboarding day today my friends. I was going to meet my homies at the skatepark but I was so hyped to just skate the park so I visited a bunch of fun street spots on my way there.

After 1 and a half hour of solo street skating I went to the park, met my homies and started skating all together. We all killed it today but Petran was the MVP.
fTR Crew for life.

Thank you all for watching and supporting my channel.
If you want to have some skateboarding fun online you are always welcome to join our awesome skateboarding community called "Steemskate".
Here is the link :
Hit the Sign-up button at the top right of your screen and you are good to go!

Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORLIFE

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