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Changes to Steem-Bounty


7 months agoSteemit3 min read


After we had some resource issues after HF20 we decided to implement some changes for Steem-Bounty.

First and foremost we have added a new service:

Join the Club! Our new boosting service.

We have built a new feature that will help you get upvotes using your own SteemPower.

Check out our landing page here:

Or go directly to the link on the website and click on the lightning symbol.

Main new Feature Changes for Steem-Bounty

  • There is now a minimum size for a bounty: 0.5 SBD or STEEM
  • There is now a minimum winning size for a bounty winning payout, to avoid tiny bounties split among many people and being irrelevant.
  • If someone is winning less than the min payout value then distribute that amount among other winners
  • Optimize the winner declaration messages so that there is no more" "has won 0.000 STEEM/SBD either from community or creator"
  • Winners list should come in the order of highest winning amount in bounty declaration comment
  • Stop refunding invalid bounties i.e. if bounty amount is less than min. bounty amount, URL is invalid or post has already been paid out
  • The community payout is now 2%, basically serving as a fall back in case the creator does not vote.

Why is there a minimum

We noticed that some users are trying to get attention by making it onto the website with tiny bounties.

We also thought that bounties that are less than $0.5 simply don't make much sense.

The same holds true for the bounty payouts. We noticed that there are still some poeple that try to bot-upvote comments so we feel this won't work as well with these limits.

We also need to make sure we don't run out of RC, although that fear has been a little exaggerated.

New FAQs

We implemented an FAQ functionality into so we can do a better job of explaining how everything is working. We will are still working on the content, but this will be out very soon.

New Explainer Bounties

We are looking for more explainer content that we can link to in the FAQs. We will launch some promotional content for that soon.

Please vote for our Witness

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you will vote for us as witness!

In order to do so you can go to:

And enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!


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