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KLYE Witness Update 1/15/20


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Hail all, welcome to the first KLYE witness update of 2020. Feels wild to be living in the future like we are. 2019 was a bit of a gong show so hope is that this new year of 2020 brings the productivity and success that has been lacking in the last years in order to get back to where I want to be mentally and financially. Currently the main focus of my day to day stuff is working on the next upcoming update which will be alpha version 0.7.5 bringing with it lots of neat feaures.

⛧This Month So Far as a STEEM Witness⛧

Currently have a witness server deployed in the form of a new pre-synced STEEM witness node offered by @someguy123 at Highly recommend you go check out their 8GB and 16GB pre-synced STEEM witness offerings if you plan to launch a witness! The cost of the witness server is ~$50.00 USD worth of STEEM a month and at rank #75 I am not breaking even on it, however I'll continue to try to run the server as long as I can.. at the current rate I've still got enough STEEM to afford to be able to run it for about 3 months or so.. Meaning it's time to "shit or get off the pot" in regards to getting things rolling on development in hopes that my witness rank improves so I'm able to afford to continue being a witness on STEEM.

⛧ Alpha v0.7.5 Update⛧

The site has come a long way in the past 300 days or so of development since the online alpha testing was opened to the public. Having hosted at this point nearly 32,500,000 rolls with a total of almost 2,750,000 STEEM wagered even in it's currently unfinished but operational state the site has hosted more action than any site I've ever created. Their has been bugs and growing pains as development has moved forward but at this point the site is far closer to being completed and launched at a full version 1.0.0 than it ever has been. The upcoming v0.7.5 of the site will return it back to an "Alpha" designation given the incorrect labeling of the site previously as a "Beta" which it isn't, given that features are still very much being implemented and tested. The current state of the site is in no way to be taken as a polished example of the final product and at this point in time the site is operational but users are advised to play and invest at their own risk. I assume no liability for lost fund or damages.

The goal is to have v0.7.5 launched by the end of Febraury. Coding efforts were slowwed down a fair amount given the holidays however starting to get back into the groove of things and am refocused on getting the next update completed, tested and pushed to the live server. Tons of features coming in v0.7.5 include:

  • Links and images will bow be allowed in the trollbox
  • Moderators will be elected and able to keep the trollbox safe
  • Admins and mods will have the ability to kick and ban users without accessing the back end
  • VIP memberships for 10 STEEM a month will give 30 days of VIP features on site such as auto investing, faucet caliming automation and more
  • Various settings and optimizations in regards to the real time profit chart and minimizing the lag in large datasets displayed by it
  • Lots of back end optimizations in order to better monitor the site, both what players are doing and potential security issues
  • More functions and features than what is listed above are planned, a conclusive v0.7.5 patch notes list will be released when launched

Currently I'm doing witness updates on a monthly basis as doing them on a weekly basis seems like overkill. However if the community wants me to begin once again to do weekly witness updates to be closer connected to what is going on development wise I'll gladly start doing them again. I need support from the community more than ever if I'm to continue working on things for our STEEM network so any upvotes, witness votes or pledges towards development in a form of STEEM are greatly appreciated and not only help feed me during development but also keeps a roof over my head and keeps me off the streets. Thanks again for the support.

Have a Good Day or Night Folks!

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Thanks for reading, the support and the community!


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