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Soccer Kid Oldschool Game


7 months agoBusy2 min read

Oh i loved to play this one on my Amiga back in the days.

It is a platform video game made in 1993 where you guide little kid with a ball and try to pass levels. Of course hes not unarmed, the ball can be used as a gun (by shooting into enemies) and help with various things like jumping higher or pressing far-away buttons to open doors or do other kinds of things needed to pass the level.

I love how on Youtube currently you have long plays and can watch parts you couldn't finish or didnt have disks for (yes this happened sometimes, not in this game though) and see what would happen.

I dont have time to re-play all games but i like to watch how the end or where i was left. I call this playing games on youtube ;)


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The ending? Well plot sucked and there was not many demos.. But pretty much World Cup was missing the statue and you had to get it from final boss so the competition could start.


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