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Brutal Sports Football Oldschool Game

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7 months agoBusy

This one was hard to find as my memory is not great and this was ages ago (Amiga got 30 lately!) but finally made it.

For start.. the name is a bit funky because game does have picking ball and running with it but there is no stop-start play and touchdowns so it feels more like rugby in the end.

Despite that, it was amazing to play it. There is no fouls, you can hit other players and use weapons on them ie guns, bats or swords.

The longer you play the more devastated playing field gets, i used to have fun to make it almost non-green.

What about a tactic? Kill opponents, this way nobody can stop you from getting points ;)


Okay but what about your players. They could also die. If you were lucky they stayed alive and then you could fix them using some hardcore technology that brings dead to alive.


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