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Worbli - Financial Services Network on Sisterchain of EOS


9 months agoBusy2 min read

These guys utilize the power of EOSIO and made a blockchain for hosting and running financial service dApps in whole KYC/AML mode.

Blockchain meets big business here.

WORBLI’s network infrastructure - including computing power, data storage, and bandwidth - can be accessed with the WORBLI Token. Developers can launch new applications knowing anyone in the WORBLI community can use them. WORBLI will create the protocols that make all this possible, leaving developers free to focus on building their project

Bullet Points and advantages of WORBLI

-it is a sisterchain of EOS built for finance that uses KYC to bring a layer of identity onto blockchain so that financial institutions are more willing to deal with them

  • they will have airdrops and token leasing in the future
    -anyone who had eos in their accounts on september 7th, 2018 will have a 1-1 sharedrop of Worbli when the portal opens on the 21st November, 2018 (12:00 GMT).
    -token sale is now live on where you can purchase the tokens but they will not be traded until decemeber
    -Worbli has the same speed and software as EOS and all of the same functionality
    -Worbli is building gamma bank which is essentially a bank on EOS with the intention to provide cards
    -Worbli is going to have decentralized insurance dapps on the blockchain
    -there are currently over 20 dapps in development with a lot more coming on board soon.

WORBLI Token Issuance


More Info about WORBLI


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