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Merit - Invite Only Blockchain that Anyone Can Mine


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Lately on my discord group i made one of Steemit users to ,mine for first time in his life and this made me understand how many people still never did that. The coin/project i want to mention is prolly the easiest way to start.

Im not saying you will make millions but at least you will try and maybe learn something.

So there is project Merit which is unique because even if you generate wallet you wont be able to receive anything or mine until someone lets you "in" to the network. So its invite based.

Invites cost right now around 3 MRT if you wanted to buy them, but im going to let in everyone that applies.

If you are a pro all you need is and wait for me to approve (you will see first transaction saying "unlocked") if you are not here is how to start:

  • Go by the link and register, write down this 12 words as this is your password.
  • After registration you will end up in web wallet (in the browser).
  • Wait till you see me unlocking you
  • Download proper light wallet
  • Click "i already have account and know what im doing" or something like this and paste 12 words
  • Go to Mining tab, use the slider for cores and mine

If you are more skilled theres minerd versions to compile and/or use.

Price? Currently goes OTC at around 30k satoshis but no exchange so fulyl under the radar.

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