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Help to Cure Cancer Mining GBYTE/Byteballs and Get Fre GBYTE If You Havent Yet


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For start you need Byteballs/GBYTE wallet, just download here -

If you have Steemit account with reputation above 30 (even if before you had 25 when this started) you can get some free GBYTE coins but this post is not about that so short tutorial:

  • Install AND right away go to the left and chose "create new wallet"
  • Next to new wallet tick "one address wallet" and call the wallet with your steemit username.
  • go to Chat -> Bot Store -> Steemit and do all they need (you will need account password).

Use Your Computer to Cure Cancer and Other Diseases

You heard how mining is worthless, uses energy for nothing etc? Well with Gbyte you can help the world and make money same time - even on bad computers.

You have to first install wallet that ive linked in main post and then do the following:

  • Register to
  • After logging in to WCG, click ‘Settings’ in the top menu and then ‘My Profile’ in the menu on the left
  • Scroll down to where it says ‘Choose to display or hide your data’ and make sure the first radio button ‘Display my data’ is selected, then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Now install software
  • Choose projects you want to help
  • And run software, it will mostly run when you dont use computer ie as screensaver.

From time to time (ie once a week) talk to GBYTE bot at Chat -> Bots -> WCG Linking Bot and get your money.

GBYTE Markets

No KYC is Cryptopia so i suggest getting acc there.

My Official Discord Crypto/Steemit Group -

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