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BATs Brave Just Added Native TOR Support


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I lately wrote how you can get free BAT tokens to use withing Brave browser - read here if you missed -

BAT is a crypto thats giving fuel to Brave, an amazing browser. If you never tried it, DOWNLOAD HERE NOW. Do not wait or you will forget ;)

We all know privacy is important hence im always bullish on anon coins like ZEC SMART EXCL XZC DASH XMR etc and what Brave did only shows this is a right direction.

From this update you can access TOR directly from their browser, no need to run special TOR client anymore.

I urge you to test the browser - its faster and more secure than Chrome/Firefox imho and also check BAT currency.


I suggest getting it on Binance due to best liquidity and totally avoid Liqui due to super big withdrawal fees.

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