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Learning Notes on iGetGet 得到 2019 #001


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Quick Notes:


Topic: The 5 Tips for Setting Annual Goals

This was a sharing done by Lee Kai Fu, a reknown futuristic science figure in China who spearheaded AI development. The first tip is to have a clear and feasible goal. Do not set illogical goals as it will only discourage us to move forward. The second tip is to have solid planning. Once the goal is set, we need to plan out what is needed to be done in order to achieve the goals. The third tip is to prioritize the goals. This is utterly important as we may have a lot of distraction throughout the year and it is at utmost importance that we complete something rather than following our feeling to do things. The fourth tip is to be resilience and consistent. It is normal to feel lost and anxious as this is a sign of improvement. We just need to keep it moving and eventually, things will get clearer at the end of the road. The fifth tip is to have a result oriented planning with milestones. It is vital that we have milestones for our planning which can keep track of our progress. Regardless of whether we progress fast or slow, we know where we are and we are able to adjust accordingly.

Topic: What makes us feel loved?

In a research published by psychology under Journal of Social and Personal Relationship, they have invited around 500 plus people to join the survey, age range between 18 to 93 years old. In a usual case, we feel love through these events like acknowledgement, hugging, receiving compliments and gifts which is more about receiving. On the other hand, we also feel loved when we see pets are happily looking at us, a child cuddling with us, or someone shares their compassion heart with us. This is more like a receiving of ‘feeling’ without a word. Some occasions which we feel loved are enjoying the sun, enjoying the cooling water, enjoying my meal, etc. This happens even without any other parties around. In a nutshell, we do not like to be overly controlled and possessed by any entity which we lessen the feeling of being loved.

This is a learning notes series of mine for subscribing to Dedao App, which is a learning App available on iOS and Android. If you are able to understand Chinese and an avid learner, this app is definitely a thing for you! I was using this app since it was launched and I had greatly benefited by following the courses offered. This year, I would like to improve myself by increasing my output which is through doing study notes. I will be perfecting the notes day by day and my resolution is to make 365 notes this year every day (if missed like today, I will be putting up for the missed days).


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