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Tunnel Visions


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My canine buddy wouldn't stop licking a wounded patch on one of his legs for weeks now, even as I repeatedly told him to stop in both dog and human language. He just doesn't care. The itch is too real. It is real. And the wound's not healing at all despite what some may say about the magical healing properties of dog saliva. Nope, none of that here. So the cure for his tunnel vision..


.. is another tunnel vision. Just like what I've been through with my relationship with Steem for the past couple of months. Now that I've got a few posts complaining about Steem's economy out of my chest, maybe it's time to put a cone around my Steemhead as well and move onto other matters. I've said enough and can only hope that I'm wrong. If not, well, I can only cross my fingers. Maybe someone will solve it.


I guess the same goes for all competitions and rivalries in life, in business, in blockchain communities, in worldly affairs. It's all too easy to get into tunnel visions and get consumed by one-dimensional problems and solutions until you don't even know what you're in it for in the first place. While I'm sure there may be exceptions to the rule, like what I'm having with Steem *cough*, many of the problems we face today as a people are most likely to be entirely imaginary.

I don't know, I don't think I'm capable of being exposed to the problems of billions of people, let alone a couple of dozens on this platform itself. Problems, and more problems. Sometimes I don't even know what's real anymore.


Real or not, the best way to get unstuck, is probably to get stuck somewhere else. Perhaps a change of narrative is all we need every now and then. Quite frankly, I'm pretty damn deep in some tunnel vision for the past 6 months, or longer, I can't even tell now. My eyebags are worsening. Looking a little older these days too. Another rabbit hole, Kevin? Yes. It surely makes for great content material, but it's just too damn difficult to write about in-depth at the moment, even without distractions.

And time is passing me by as I'm stuck in this beautiful loop, so I'll probably need a cone myself soon to start enjoying the finer things in life first. Maybe the words will find their way, someday...

Okay this is just a lazy excuse for a wannabe blogger lol.

Sometimes I wish that I'm a dog.

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