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An Exclusive Interview with MAX HODL: Trillionaire Philanthropist & Cryptobro Extraordinaire™


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Max Hodl is apparently a cryptobro who came back from the future to drop some "wisdom nuggets" for us "plebs of the 21st century" as we march our way towards a new world of peace and prosperity. Here's a brief of his introduction on Steem about two years ago:-

"Hello everyone. Are you guys puuuuuuumped?! My name is Max. Max Hodl. Early Bitcoin investor, pizza purveyor, crypto-hodler, consultant, serial entrepreneur, world-builder, motivational guru, pump vlogger, keyboard warrior, lover of life, steroid addict, and author of best-selling novel, Hodlnomics."
by Max Hodl: Trillionaire Philanthropist & Cryptobro Extraordinaire™

I have been trying to get hold of him the past year as I voted on his shitposts, but never did he contact me until recently, like 10 seconds ago. Without further ado, let's dive into the the hottest interview of the century. A simple Q & A format.

This is definitely gonna be the hottest interview of the century. How's being a Trillionaire Philanthropist & Cryptobro Extraordinaire™ feel like?

The hottest interview of the century will most definitely not be me. I'm pretty damn awesome, but I give credit where credit is due. Just look out for the Einstein of blockchain technology. His stuff made me the cryptobro that I am today, bro.

Einstein of blockchain technology? Is that Ned Scott?

Haha. Anyway, I will not give you the answer. Discover him for yourself, bro. He's really really really really, really smart. A real smart bro, bro.

Why bother coming back here if the future is already so awesome?

It's mostly a nostalgia trip. The future is really great, but the lambos are driverless. Bro.

Are the cryptos of today still going to be around in the far future?

I can't give any straight answers here as it'll break the time-space continuum and undo my voyage. But think about blockchains and cryptocurrencies as ever-evolving digital organisms, if they're developed and stewarded properly of course. The key to eternity is evolution. The ability to change for the better is super valuable, bro.

Everything is a work-in-progress, obviously, but core fundamentals do matter as much as the foundations of any skyscrapers, bro. Things may need to be defined on a certain logic-based blockchain in the future, so it can free itself from notions of machine, computation, and time. Only then will it be a true crypto, bro.


Woops, I probably said too much. Just downed a dozen beer of cans. Take what I just said as pure nonsense. Bro..

💥Time-space continuum destroyed!💥

Thanks for reading..


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