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A Rainbow Turned Upside Down


6 months agoSteemit


Finished Death Stranding a couple of weeks ago and its inverted rainbow imagery has since been stuck in my head. Even dreamed of it yesterday night, so I went on to google it out to see if it's an actual thing.

It is.

It's called a circumzenithal arc, a phenomenon that occurs when sunlight refracts through ice crystals instead of raindrops. It has something to do with hexagonal molecular structures in snowflakes. Here's a video of how it works.


Beautiful, isn't it?

Some say that it's a smile in the sky. But if we stick to that line of thought, wouldn't a rainbow be a frown? In Death Stranding, I guess it's a direct replacement of the rainbow - a play on its theme of a world turned upside down.

Maybe those fabled pots of gold are somewhere in deep space instead.


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