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Why We Need To Start Looking At The Opportunities HF21 Offers Instead Of Dwelling On The Negatives


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Change they say is the only constant thing in life. Positive change is great, it brings joy, happiness and opportunities that promote and encourage growth. Negative change however can be disastrous if not handled carefully. Since change is always constant, we end up having a bit of both positive and negative changes and that is why life is full of ups and downs.

Now, what makes these changes positive and what makes them negative if I might ask? It all comes down to perception. For some a positive change might be considered as a negative thing to them because it isn’t going to benefit them in any way so they have made up their mind to become negative about the whole thing while for some people a negative change can bring out the best in them which forces them to turn around the situation in such a manner that the negative changes turns out positive outcomes for them.

Now about the upcoming Steem HF21, I have thought about it through and through and believe from the word go, the people that are guaranteed success if I’ll be permitted to say so are the whales, witnesses and developers. This is because they are already in position where you can clearly see how they’ll benefit. For the content creator, it is more of an assumption that good content creators can now be easily spotted or identified and their content upvoted with bigger upvotes making them earn more from author’s reward, you wish. This may be true for some but chances are that it will not be a general thing.

So what do we as content creator do? I have been doing a lot of readings especially of post from @exyle, @taskmaster4450 and other notable members of the community. My understanding of the whole thing now is that Steem as we know it is transforming from been just a blogging platform into been something bigger, broader and offers a cascade of huge opportunities.

These opportunities are opening up as we are seeing it in Steem-Engine and all the tokens already listed. The opportunities the tokens themselves offer for members that buy them. We are seeing the coming of 3speak and the massive crowd they are bound to pull from traditional Youtube, Facebook and other social media sites that are not blockchain related to the Steem blockchain. We are seeing a lot of developments in the Dapps, I just updated my @actifit Dapp this morning and man you have give to the actifit team because the really did a great job, Dtube also just came out with an update and I need to try that out too. New games are coming onboard and a whole lot of other stuff are happening in a manner that it is getting pretty difficult to stay up to date with new information release.

This brings me back to my question which I haven’t answered yet i.e. what do content creators do? For these developments to continue I think the developers are needed to be at their best, so the encouragement from the HF21 is worth it. The witnesses are highly important in keeping the blockchain more secured as ever so I guess they too need the encouragement. It now brings me back to the content creators.

With a lot of UI (User interface) now available to post your content I think you should start thinking fast. The best of it is that some of them are focused on a particular niche. Splintertalk (SPT) is focused on their games and stuff relating to it, TripleA (AAA) is focus on movie and TV review, Steemcoinplan (SCT) is focused on blockchain related topics, for now is a general topic based platform like, and others.

If you’re into the Splinterland (Steem monster) gaming stuff and almost all your post are focused on that topic, maybe you should consider becoming a supper staked holder on that platform at relatively cheap cost now, having your post read and with greater interaction on that platform than having to focus all your effort on the general platform where you are barely seen or heard because of your low Steem Power. The best part of it is that you are getting rewarded on two fronts and sometimes 3 fronts depending on what your post topic is all about and which tag you used. This is just a line of thought guys’ if you don’t buy it just pretend you didn’t read about it here. Lol.

Claim notice.jpg
Steem-Engine Claim notice

My cover banner is a snapshot of my PAL transaction page I took this morning and this other picture is that of the claim notice Steem-Engine keeps showing anytime I have a curation or author reward I need to claim. There is hardly any hour that goes by that I don’t see these notices coming up. I keep getting PAL, SCT, AAA, DEC and other tokens. I can’t wait for SPT to coming in too because I just bought and staked some and can’t wait to see them coming in too.

The point that I am trying to make is that there a lot of opportunities ahead of us, let’s not turn our eyes away from it and focus on something we obviously can’t stop happening. This might be the time to start stacking up all those tokens that are worth their salt in your own opinion and positioning ourselves to grab the new opportunities that come by regularly. Steem is a great blockchain that is currently undervalued and you never know what can happen in the future. Aside the price, the usability of the blockchain is great and can only get better.

I am guessing that after HF21 the hot topic members will be looking at is going to be - Curation! Curation!! Curation!!! Yes, it is worth shouting 3 times. Lol. If that is going to be the case because of the 50/50 curation change than you had better start planning and making the right decisions for the future. You too can turn around the perceived negative effect the HF21 will cause to content creators into a very positive one.

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Note: Please don’t take this as a financial advice, do your own research or contact your lawyer or accountant before taking any decision. If you sight me as your source of information for taking your own financial decisions I’ll say I said whatever I said under the influence of alcohol. Lol.

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