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Bitconnect is a SCAM


3 years agoBusy

And anyone promoting BCC is a snake oil salesmen.

Who sold-out for this referral program (SCAM) !? I lost all respect for any YouTuber pushing this as a sure thing! Same on you!!!

Anyone promoting Bitconnect is a snak oil salesmen and deserves no respect from the community.

Bitconnect is a blockchain based lending platform where you buy BCC tokens and loan it to a BTC trading bot for a minimum of $100 and 299 days. BCC tokens only have value based off the success of its referral "program system" or in reality a pyramid scheme. Since the tokens are locked for loaning the BCC tokens appear to hold and gain value.

This is Price manipulation at its finest. The value of the token is completely artificial and entirely unsustainable. The only saving grace for BCC is their referral-based program and incentives for content creators with large user basis to take advantage of...


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