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Let's Literally Take Steem to the Moon


6 months ago4 min read

Introducing the #SteemWasHere Challenge

Hey everybody. I took a trip to Taiwan recently and was able to go atop Taipei 101 which is one of the tallest buildings in the world! According to Wikipedia, the height of the inside observatory is 391.8 m (1285 ft) high. I recorded a video of myself talking about #Steem while at this height and thought of a cool new idea.

taipei 101.jpg

Let's set a challenge for people to literally take #Steem to the moon.

I have created 2 challenges:

Challenge #1: World Record for Tallest Height In (or on top of) a Building

For this challenge, the world record will be given to whoever can provide video proof of them talking about Steem at the tallest height inside or on top of a building.

As of now, I currently hold the world record for mentioning Steem at a height of 391.8m in Taipei 101. Anybody who can provide video proof of them mentioning Steem at a higher height above ground (higher floors within Taipei 101 or taller building) will dethrone me!

Challenge #2: World Record for Highest Altitude

This challenge is simply about altitude. Whoever can bring provide video proof of bringing Steem to the highest altitude will become the world record holder. For example, if you are 33,000 ft in the air on an airplane, you could record a video of yourself talking about Steem while in the airplane (making sure the altitude provided by the airplane is shown in your video). You could attach the Steem logo to a drone and fly it up in the air. You could climb a really tall mountain and record yourself there. There are many things you could do. As long as you have video proof of mentioning Steem and a credible source for your altitude.

Unfortunately for me, I forgot to record a video of myself while on an airplane! As a result, the world record for this challenge is still held by me but for only 391.8 m above ground (from Taipei 101). This record shouldn't be too difficult to surpass for a lot of people!

Submitting Your Entry

You can post your video on DTube or YouTube. Make sure you add the hashtag #SteemWasHere to your post and mention me. I will be managing this and will provide update posts whenever someone has successfully broken the current world record!

I will even try to get a badge made that you can add to your posts to let everyone know that you are the current world record holder! (TBA)

5 SBD Reward

The first person to beat one of my records will receive 5 SBD from me! The next record holder can then create their own reward for the next person that beats them!

What Do You Think?

Let's do it folks! I am not sure if other blockchain communities are doing this as well. If not, we could be known as the first community that literally took our blockchain to the moon!

Thanks for reading & watching

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