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Trump Diplomacy


9 months agoSteemit2 min read

Just read this in the Danish news. Trump has always come through as an adolescence with no impulse control, and with a very limited education. But he still keeps surprising me with his lack of political flair. Suddenly the things that was never said is being said out loud. The USA can do (and have done) whatever they like with other nations inside their power sphere. It is the privilege of being an empire. But all the cultural work that has been done since World War II to forge stability and loyalty in the imperial subjects is being destroyed by vanity and a childish lack of knowledge.

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No one in the Danish newspapers are kidding themselves. It is about strategic control of the Arctic and the USA already have a good allied in Denmark. We are the country that has lost most soldiers per capita in NATO operations the last 16 years, we have an old agreement that the US can have a base in Thule, and one phone call from Pentagon would make Denmark give whatever they asked.

Even when you look at it from the most hawkish and power drunk US point of view, this is completely stupid. It is destroying valuable assets and alliances out of ignorance.

It is weird.


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