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I bought me some Minnowhood


5 months agoBusy2 min read

Inspired from posts earlier in the week from @smasssh and @exyle writing about getting cheap Steem this week, I also decided not to be the one who will be complaining in the bull market that 'I should have gotten more when it was still hot'

This also means that I have faith in Steem as a system and that the current Steemprice doens't have much to do with Steem as a valued coin, but more as a result of the current alt bear market. Will Steem collapse entirely and will my small investment be gone? Nehhhhh, I don't believe so....I believe this is a smart move at the moment.

Screenshot_20190818-145604_Samsung Internet.jpg

Now it is only a matter of time before the first one will pop in with the 'why aren't you powering up instantly' question. That has to do with the 1 3 week power down which prevents me from doing stupid stuff ;) Just kidding, but, a girl needs some liquid in times with so much going on, I find. If you look at how many cool projects are starting in for instance the #steem-engine and tribe world it might be worth to buy some stake in somewhere versus delegating. What do you need for this? Exactly, liquid Steem!

Also the #steemmonsters option is also a reason for me to have liquid Steem. Like @slobberchops did earlier this week buying a stash of beta packs, I know I am also capable of doing this in Orb form impulsively and liquid is needed for that.

So there you have it! Minnowhood with a click of a button for less than $100 and why I am not immediately powering it up.


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