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My day started badly but thankfully we got through it and ended better. Karma will sort it out. ❤❤


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This post is very late as i haven't stopped all day. Its been one of those days where i wish i had 30 hours in a day. So much going on.


My youngest daughter came into my bedroom around 9am in a right state. She's a fully qualified hairdresser and really good at her job but has a boss that thinks its OK to put my daughter down whenever she wants. She will make remarks about her weight, she has been told off for not wearing the right lipstick for her supposedly thin lips, she needs a bright colour to emphasise them. My daughter wad called in for a staff meeting (on her day off) where the boss praised her other stylist but put my daughter down by saying she doesn't talk to her customers enough. Her boss want's her to ask questions, where they live, work family, etc, questions that some people don't want to answer plus you can't make someone have a conversation with you.

The job isn't worth the stress it was causing her. We talked about it and decided for get mental health the job wasn't worth it so her boss was told she won't be back.

Bullies need to learn Karma is a bitch.


Her boss wants her to go in on Tuesday to pick up what is owed to her. She's dreading it as i would have been at that age (21). We have helped her write a letter telling her ex boss why she has left. This has been going on for a couple of years. Its about time she knew the truth.

I wanted to cheer my daughter up so i took her to bingo, we have talked about going together a few times but never got round to it. I was meeting an old friend for a catch up so we all went to play housey. It was all new to Nick as she hadn't played before, luck must have been on her side as she shouted house for £80. I think she may want to go back for another game.

We didn't get home until late as went to a pub for a drink after bingo, hoping to take Nicks mind off what had happened with work.

She loved her job but now doesn't want to do hairdressing anymore, her confidence has been knocked. Its made me really angry that a so called business woman has made my daughter feel so low with constant bad critique even though her clients love her to bits. I was bullied growing up with no one to help me, there is no way i am going to let this woman bully my daughter. I would rather her not work than have sleepless nights worrying about going into work.

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully it comes with good news.

Thank you @son-of-satire


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