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How To Do Keyword Research For Hive


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Keyword Research

I've been writing a blog post that describes Hive and how I use it to earn cryptocurrency while sharing photography on this platform. The intended audience is someone who has never heard of Hive. The post will live on my blog and will introduce and describe what I like about this platform.

Steemit/Steem vs Hive (Name Comparison)

However, as I've been working on the SEO and doing some keyword research, I've encountered some difficulty with the name "Hive". Steemit was very unique and obviously different than anything else out there. Even the name Steem usually gathered relevant results as long as it was differentiated from Steam.

I've looked at Google trends for the term Steemit as well as Steem. Google is able to give suggestions and trend data for each of these terms. However, when I research the word Hive I am given a lot of information that is loosely connected, covers multiple uses of the word, and does not include the Hive that we like.

How Do You Describe Hive On Google?

What do you Google when you want to see what people are saying about Hive. I've tried Hive Cryptocurrency but mixed with the results I want to see, this search also brings up the following highly ranked results

  • HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd
  • Another article about HIVE Blockchain increasing mining capacity

Searching for hive io or hiveio brings up a company and LinkedIn profile for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Platform located in New Jersey.

This is really confusing when I simply want to direct someone to our Hive blockchain, not this one.

The term Steemit has a monthly search volume of 21,600 and I can almost guarantee that every result is targeted to the actual Steemit platform. At this point it's not relevant to check the monthly search volume for Hive because this is a new platform.

For sake of argument lets say the platform has evolved and we are two years into the future. What will people search for when they want to know about us. Even at that point I doubt they will be able to do a search for Hive without getting all kinds of irrelevant results.

The Question

What do you call this place, how do you search for it, and how would you target this platform in an external blog post for SEO optimazation.

Also, I'm curious if anyone knows the story of how the Hive name was chosen? It seems really odd to me that we'd have the same name of an existing blockchain technology company. I understand it can be hard to be original, but it seems like a quick google search would've cleared up the fact that there is already a cryptocurrency (altcoin) with the same name.

I'm interested in a discussion about this, and welcome any comments with links to posts that help clarify this.


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